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This book is a book that reflects wisdom: in particular, the wisdom of youth. We normally think of
wisdom as something that comes as we age, and that is a kind of wisdom, too. In fact, each period of our lives has a wisdom associated with it. We often marvel at the insights of small children. We see in them the wisdom of childhood, which sees everything new. The wisdom of old age is the wisdom of great experience. The wisdom of middle age is the wisdom of doing with that which we've learned before, and it is the wisdom of being aware of becoming wise.

The wisdom of youth is the most surprising. Indeed, it often doesn't seem very "wise". But it is. It is the wisdom that challenges wisdom. It is the wisdom that challenges received knowledge and notions. It is bold wisdom. It is the time when we are wise enough to be fearless. Too often, we have no record of the wisdom of youth, for a part of youth is not to view things as permanent. In Mark Revoir's work, we have the rare record of the thoughts, observations, and reflections of youth: that is, the wisdom of youth.

The truly wise are the ones who don't loose the wisdom of the earlier periods of their lives. If you are young as you read this, make a promise to yourself that you will try to remember youth in all its pain and excitement. If you are older, let this work bring you back, and help you recover the lost wisdom of youth.
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Revoir's work is offered here in his own hand: the pages you'll read are scans from his handwritten and hand illustrated pages. Any editing was done by the author, or by the publisher at the author's request. The texts are not proof-read, of course. It is published as a facsimile of the manuscript, scanned and then converted to pdf format. The author and the publisher chose to publish this work in this form as the form itself has the same importance as the text. As well, many of the illustrations are integrated into the text.

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