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Things to Read

Short pieces on music, literature, publishing, rights issues, and anything else that comes to mind.


Free (New and Improved) Manuscript Paper

PDF file for 8, 10, & 12 stave (portrait) and 8, 10, &12 stave (landscape) paper Letter size 8½ x 11  (click on one of the numbers)

8 Port
  10 Port
12 Port
 8 Land
10 Land
 12 Land
A3 Port
  11x17 Port


We'll give you some free music to play with a friend.

Liturgical Music
 including a contemporary setting of the Benedictus, and a setting of the Sanctus by Henry IV of England from the late 14
th or early 15th century.

 8 Land
10 Land
 12 Land
A3 Port
 11x17 Port

My name is Robin Øye.  Torcroft is my site, and I am featuring my work, for the most part, and the work of some of my friends. I hope you will enjoy what this site has to offer.

Torcroft is the name we've given to our house. We're not exactly a croft, as we own the house and land, but we do a lot of gardening, and we are on a tor. For a while, I had an unsuccessful business called Torcroft Press LLC.  We -- or I, really -- published "new music and new media".  We still have many of the sound files and sheet music on this site, much of it free. What isn't can be found at the Music Store

Musicians' Weblogs

  A Weblog About Music & Other Things.

News, views, & musings about music & things related to music

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Wade's Blog.