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Things to Read

A guide to readings available on this site.  These are small pieces about music, literature, publishing, publishing issues, and Torcroft Press.  They are also about other topics which might seem obscure for a site mostly about music.  We are inviting musicians to write about music and anything else.  We feel that musicians have a particular way of viewing the world because they are musicians, and that view should be reflected.  We also invite non-musicians to reflect on music and to write about it.  Music is an important part of the lives of  many people, not only musicians. If you'd like to contribute, send your contribution here.  More will be added from time to time.  Meanwhile, there's always something to read at  A Weblog About Music and Other Things
Articles posted after 18 April 2005 will be dated (the others would have been, if we'd thought of it sooner). Pdf files are available for some items.  You can read them first in printable versions, but if you really want to save a nicer copy, the pdf link can be found at the top of the appropriate page.

These Items are free for downloading.