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The Works of Mark Revoir

A truly amazing collection of works: reflections, thoughts, insights, observations; sometimes in words, sometimes in drawings and sketches, frequently an intertwining of them all. Published in his own hand, these are the scanned manuscripts of his works made available as pdf  files. With Foreword.

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Spell Book Spell Book II
Thought About Thought
Book III
at this time, there is no Book Three
Book IV
All In The Thought
 About Sperm

Book V
My  Inferno
The Book Of Sorcery
Samples  1 2 3 4
Work licensed under a Creative Commons Licence (please go to link and read; it won't take long).

You need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these works.  Your computer likely has one.  If not, or if you'd like to update, you can get one for free here.

Spell Book, Spell Book II, Book IV, Book V Together.  (Zip File) For information on obtaining any of these, please e-mail


Printing Hints

If you have purchased the downloadable version of this book, the best way to enjoy it is to print it.  It prints to letter size (or A4), and you can either print it on one-sided  or on two-sided pages. If you do the latter, you can punch holes in it, so that it can fit in a binder, or you can take it to a copy shop or a print shop, and they may be able to spiral-bind it.  This makes it very useful on a music stand. Another option is to use the Clickbooks software to make a book out of it.  This is best done if you have a large format printer (11 x 17 or A3) and can staple the spine (you need access to a long-armed stapler for this).  Clickbooks also can make a reduced-format book, allowing you to use smaller paper.

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